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We develop solutions for all types of conflicts or issues that our clients might have in order to avoid the company from suffering any type of financial or asset loss.

Antonio Puerta

Among the vast number of business operations that are normally carried out in today’s corporate world, many of these operations may create a conflict of interest between the involved parties, often resulting in a lawsuit.

We, at DJV Abogados, advice our clients on the resolution of any type of legal procedures, either civil, criminal or contentious-administrative. We provide our clients with customized solutions to always offer the best possible outcome for the issues that may arise.

Furthermore, our attorneys have extensive experience in the field of bank litigation to financial entities for debt recovery and executive proceeding management.

We also provide legal advice on criminal risk and regulation non-compliance prevention. In an ever-changing regulatory environment, we, at DJV Abogados, consider that avoiding risks or infringements is critical for maintaining a healthy company. Our attorneys are experienced in the design and implementation of compliance programs for small, midsized, and large companies.


Foreclosure Proceedings

  • Personal and Real Guarantees
  • Bills of Exchange, Checks and Promissory Notes
  • Court Orders
  • Payment Order and Collection Proceedings

Civil Conflicts

  • Contractual and Non-contractual Liability.
  • Civil Liability.
  • Product Liability.
  • Contract Construction and Drafting.
  • Contract Termination and Cancellation.
  • Administrator Liability Actions.
  • Resolution Challenges.
  • Urban Property Leasing.
  • Agency, Distribution, and Franchising Agreement Conflicts
  • Payment Claims and Cash Executions.
  • Damage Claims.
  • Family Law – separations, divorces, marriage annulments, marital agreement modifications.
  • Inheritance Proceedings.
  • Honor, Privacy and Self-image Protection Proceedings.

Bankruptcy Litigations

  • Voluntary and involuntary bankruptcy request filing and advice during the bankruptcy proceeding – Common Phase, Agreement, Settlement.
  • Advice and advocacy of the client’s interests as a creditor during the bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Administrator liability resulting from bankruptcy proceedings.

Criminal Proceedings

  • Criminal proceedings related to economic offenses, such as insolvency, punishable acts, corporate offenses, fraud, wrongful appropriations, etc.
  • Specialized in criminal liability of legal entities.
  • Compliance programs.

Administrative Law

  • Administrative and Judicial enforcement proceedings pertaining to Administrative Law, such as administrator’s financial liability claims, payment claims, tender award challenging, and administrative acts of any type, as well as proceeding related to urban property.
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